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Hello everybody and welcome back to TheBaeBlogger!
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​As you might know I did start blogging last year, but then I stopped. I just didn’t feel the urge and push that I have now to start blogging therefore I started my YouTube channel TheBaeBlogger which originated from this blog. Since it’s the summer I started rethinking about starting up my blog again especially from the inspiration of reading other blogs.

For me blogging is amazing! I have always loved writing since I was a baby. From odd short three liners that I seemed to think was a story when I was four. Reading has also played a big part in this I KNOW I sound like a right crooked nerd right now but I love reading books (I mean does reading make you a nerd?!?) and because of this I automatically took to writing my own weird stories. Just like reading and writing as I grew older I started to read blogs from Zoella and Poppy deyes to one of my favourites Sophie Maie who especially inspires me to keep blogging and now I’m starting my own because why not? I can’t wait to connect with other bloggers too!


 Now going onto YouTube I started that about 6/7 months ago and ever since I couldn’t stop I just absolutely love filming and editing and using my creativity to the fullest and I am almost at 1k subscribers which makes me growl with excitement as I have more friends to share my videos with…cheesy I know!!
Make sure to subscribe a new video will be up very soon!!
I am hoping for the same thing to happen on here so that I have even more friends and maybe even the same ones to turn to and tell all of my ‘adventures’ whilst I travel through this world!
Well see you next Sunday for my next post can’t wait and feel free to comment down below and post ideas you have for the summer!
Make sure to comment because that makes my day and I will always try to have a QOTD (Question Of The Day)!!
Today’s QOTD is: Do you have a blog? Would you ever start a blog?
Love you guys, TheBaeBlogger XX


  1. I used to have a blog, but i was just so lazy to post on it 😂 and no one was really even paying attention to it, but your Blog is really amazing I loveee it ☺️💗


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